Roald Dahl has always been one of my favorite authors, so I'm happy to find that we have quite a few of his books in stock at the Confederate Bookstore. He's most famous as a children's author, having written such classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda. Many of his children's books are also now famous as movies, I'm told. (I don't always get out as much as I should.) He is also the author of numerous short stories for children, as well as tales of suspense and terror that aren't very child-friendly at all. He wrote various personal memoirs, on topics ranging from being shot down in the second world war to his own childhood in Britain. His childhood memoir, Boy, is one of the most touching and hysterical books about childhood I have read.
     All of Dahl's books (at least, the ones I've read) are funny and deeply irreverant. He pokes fun at schools, teachers, preachers, parents and librarians. Children understandably love him. So do I, though, and I haven't been a child for a rather long time.
     Roald Dahl's books are fairly easy to read, particularly his children's books. Intermediate level readers and above should have no serious difficulties.
     There are various books by Roald Dahl in the shop at the moment. They go fast though, so be sure to ask what we've got.


14/08/2015 2:44am

My favorite one from Roald Dahl is Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying published in 1946. Take the time and read this collection of short stories.

26/04/2017 11:38pm

I totally agree! Roald Dahl is the best author ever. I love all his works together with my children. We read all his books almost everyday. We are not weary to all of his works. I hope he can still make more books for all of his fans. Thank you for sharing this article about him.

20/06/2017 11:33pm

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18/05/2016 11:50pm

I should read his books. I bet they are great.

24/05/2016 1:19pm

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